It’s a pleasure to meet you…

So, this isn’t my first go at starting a blog. About a year ago I gave it a go, but work and life got too busy for me to stick to it and I only made it to (sadly) post numero uno! I am making a promise to myself that I will do better this time around. I hope to get at least two or three posts out a week in the beginning. Hopefully more once I get the hang of it…here’s hoping!

As some background, I am an Insights Researcher for a retail design agency and I could not be more blessed for the great company and coworkers I share my days with! As part of my job I get to do retail tours, online safari’s and identify trends that are influencing shopper and consumer behaviors. Additionally, I get the opportunity to talk to shoppers and consumers for a variety of clients across many different industries around the country. I love being able to glean insights from them that help impact the design process….and it’s definitely nice to get to explore new cities, try the local cuisine and checkout what they have to offer regarding the retail scene.

Twitter, Pinterest and numerous blogs feed me information on a daily basis. I get so much enjoyment out of trying new restaurants, checking out the latest trends in fashion and trying various things that are popping up around the web. I hope to share some of the things I find interesting from trying monthly subscriptions, to foodie adventures in the city, to great websites that MUST be added to your bookmarks bar. I also love exploring the BUCKEYE city and will surely be writing about events and my experiences in this great city. Along the way you’ll get to know me, my friends and family and all the things that I find exciting, interesting and fun!

I’ll leave you with an image of William and I in Chicago…

Dustin and I at the Girl & The Goat enjoying a DELICIOUS dinner!

Till post number 2…


“A beginning is only the start of a journey to another beginning.”


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