2013 Goals and Such

For 2013 I set a few goals for myself and I wanted to start things out slow before really putting them down on paper…and over the internet!

Goal 1: Workout…Eat Better…Blah, Blah BLAH! Of course this was goal one and OF COURSE I’ve only gone on like 1 walk and pretty much stuck to my same snacking nature. Needless to say this one needs a little kick in the booty. To cut myself some slack, I did begin 2013 with hand surgery which caused a slight lag in getting moving – now I’ve just become a tad lazy. This will change…startinggggg TOMORROW 😉


Goal 2: “Say Less, Do More” Something I’ve started to strive for more and more each year, but this year I want to make it a true slogan. I often drum up ideas for my future, trips to go on with friends, parties to throw, additions to the bucket list, and the list just continues to grow. However, this year I am going to try to act more and speak less – the ideas will become actions, the parties will be thrown – get ready friends – and trips will be booked!

7 steps to happiness

Goal 3 – the mother load: Need vs. Want: A fashion dilemma! I’ve grown quite the collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, scarfs and clothes – of which I struggle to part with and continue to add to. For 2013 I’ll no longer just be adding, but being more thoughtful about my fashion choices – If I don’t need it, I can’t have it! Now, I am a true fashion lover and shopping is my greatest escape from reality, so this will not be easy. I know I can do it and I’m certain that this little “break” from shopping will save me mulah, make goals one and two easier to achieve and allow me to appreciate the versatility of the clothes I already own. A fashionista friend is on month 9 of no shopping – and she is kicking booty and blogging about it – check her out here: No Rebecca for a Year – pure motivation!


Till next time…

“No dreamer is ever too small. No dream is ever too big.” 

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