CBUS :: Weekend Wrap-UP

Andddd Monday is here again!

This weekend was a bit more relaxing than the last – full of basketball, BUCKEYES, good food and a few goodies!


I met up with friends on Friday to watch the Buckeyes win in the first round of the NCAA Tournament – so much fun!

Hills Market Downtown

D and I checked out the new Hills Market Downtown and it did not disappoint! I love the way they made the store feel like we couldn’t have possibly existed without it – Ohio and Columbus signage sang along the walls, locally sourced products were displayed throughout the space and friendly staff were ready to answer any question. And did I mention they let you shop with a glass of wine – done and done!

Dinners and FUN

D and I made some yummy dinners – parmesan encrusted tilapia, wild rice and roasted asparagus as well as homemade turkey chili! Sunday morning I made my way to Trader Joe’s for some groceries and walked out with Springy cherry blossom branches with buds just ready to pop and jelly beans to decorate the coffee table – along with some silly coasters I picked up last year in Chicago 😛 It all wrapped up with a Buckeyes WIN against Iowa State – HOLY NAIL-BITER!!

I hope your weekend was lots of fun as well!

Have a wonderful start to the week!!

“Happiness is a form of courage” -George Holbrook Jackson


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