To Mom…

Fashion will have to wait till tomorrow for today is my mom’s birthday!

On top of that, mother’s day is slowly approaching so I figured this is the perfect time to wish her a wonderful day and thank her for all the happiness she has brought me in life! Her loving, caring and watchful eye have provided me with more memories and opportunities then I could ever have imagined. My love of music, fashion and inspiring moments all our pieces of herself that she’s instilled in me…not to mention a little stubbornness that bodes well to a hard working attitude 🙂

She is more to me and our family then she ever could imagine! I appreciate you and love you more than the moon and the stars! Here’s to the memories we’ve shared over the years – family vacations, concerts, foodie moments, exploring new cities and cultures, holiday celebrations, shopping trips, “veggin’ out,” – and all that is yet to come!


Here’s to all the mothers out there who inspire their children every day!

“Youth has no age”


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