Who: BirtleGirl

What: I’m a Midwestern girl who is fascinated by life, a true lover of fashion, diehard BUCKEYE, concert enthusiast and a total foodie. I get pure enjoyment our of new experiences and creating memories with family and friends. Keeping busy has been a way of life for me since I was a little girl and I don’t see that part of my personality ever changing.

Why: I guess my goal with this blog is to share with people the things I come across through my job and personal life. My life and career revolve highly around scouring the internet for new and interesting things. I get so much enjoyment out of the apps, subscriptions, websites, etc. that I come across and I want to share all those things with everyone I know. And with being a constant mover, I think it will be nice to document some of the fun I partake in around my city and in my travels.

So, please enjoy, share with me your insights and I would love to get to know other bloggers around the world!

Oh…and I love quotes so you will see a lot of them 😉

…and everyday!


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